A complete student information system software suite that serves as the heartbeat of campus life. Academia implements and monitors your processes via a dashboard of indicators.

The software is designed on cutting-edge Java technology to be anti-fragile and scalable. It offers a configurable solution that understands the complexity of processes when it comes to managing colleges and universities.

Certified, trusted and used globally.
Streamline your processes!

At the touch of a button you can assess the progress of:

  • Faculty staff & their needs

  • Learners throughout their life-cycle from enquiry to graduation

  • Administration & logistics supply chain such as Inventory, Residence, Library, Human Resources etc.

Academia SIS transforms ‘big data’ – into ‘information’ sets of knowledge.

This means you can make informed decisions with greater efficiency, while saving you time and money.

Our Tools

Configured to do what you need, Academia’s tools make our system both easy to use and cost-effective.

›› Cloud based

›› Sms & Email

›› Integration of any LMS

›› Accounting Software

›› Payment Gateway

›› Reports Import/Export

›› Biometric

›› Smartphones & Tablets

Find the tools that can work for you.

  • Cost effective, fully configured, accessible and scalable

  • Paperless approvals framework automated admissions processes

  • Education specialists supporting campuses across the world

  • Excellent track record accomplished across multiple markets

  • Pro-active use of innovative technology through continuous learning that enhances value for our clients

  • Techno-functional domain experience by our dynamic team of Education software specialists

  • Deeply rooted insights, learnings and understanding of education to address systemic issues at the heart of the campus eco-system

  • ISO 9001 | 2008 certified

Our product offers the latest
technology, is reliable and
scalable to suit your needs.

Our team is highly skilled,
boast international experience
ensuring they have
the ultimate expertise
to provide solutions to
your organisation.

Education software is
what we do. You can trust
us to implement the right
solutions for your organisation.

Our product offers rich features with a full-service
implementation plan at a reasonable cost.

We have successfully completed
multiple custom implementations.

“The retrospective disproportion of our understanding of the world and the way knowledge works, makes us misunderstand what we think we know… and that has explosive consequences”

Nassim Taleb – Author of Black Swan Theory

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